Wednesday, December 23

The Best Things I Read Recently

"I don’t like the experience of being unconscious and asleep.I don’t like feeling dead for seven hours. I don’t like the feeling of nothingness, so I don’t like this idea of waking up and you’re at your highest power and it just starts being drained throughout the day until you’re nonexistent and then you’re born again. I gain my powers throughout the day. I become exuberant when night comes around. I become extravagant about what I think I can do and be. I feel like I’m creative and better able to imagine who I can be or what I can be capable of. I also don’t like these units of morning and afternoon and then night. I don’t like the idea that night is for leisure and for socializing, for going out, and morning is for being productive, or afternoon is a lazy interlude. Morning is so professional."

"My mother thinks I am still twelve–that I still love Doctor Who, that I laugh at the same things, that I read what I used to or understand the world in the same way. She sends me Pez dispensers for Christmas. I put them away."

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